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Who we are

A long haul

The company was founded in 1980 initially with a Eurocarnavales store in Palma de Mallorca. Since then it has undergone a great evolution becoming a benchmark in the sector of distribution of Halloween and Carnival items. In 1985 we opened our own costume making workshop where costumes were made that were distributed throughout the national territory. Since 1995, with the opening of the warehouse in Valencia, the logistics management of distribution of all our products is reinforced. In 2005, the sales network was expanded to the mainly European international market, which opens up many options for us. In 2017 FYASA was launched as a representative brand of our product, thus enhancing our presence both inside and outside Spain.

 What we do:

- Investment in R&D.

- Creation of our own designs.

- Control of the whole process of incorporation of novelties. From      the conception of the idea to the achievement of the final           prototype.

- Carrying out careful video and photography sessions to provide all sales tools to customers.

- Careful selection of the packaging necessary for each product.

- Registration of your own costume designs to keep track of the copies that appear on the market.

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